We have thought to create a "Data bank" of games that usually come made or have been publish to you on review "SOFTAIR" so that every club can reach and take of cue to you in order to create some of new.
If you will send some of new, and will be judges to you interesting, we will publish them on this page.

Index of Game

Bat 21
Hamburger Hill
The last bridge
Dien Ben Phu
Retrieve the object
Guerrilla  e against-guerrilla in to the Oman
Search and Destroy
The Track di Ho Chi Min
Mission impossible
"BAT 21" (Vipers)
History of the game:
a pilot comes pulled down in the jungla of the Vietnam. He comes sent a Seals team with the task to carry it in an emergency area where she is the team and the pilot will come elitrasportati.
Members of the game:
1 pilot, 1 Vietcong team, 1 Seals team
Development and regulations:
Radios leave the pilot with one and have time 15' in order to hide after start the team vietcong that the pilot must try, after others 15' leave the Seals team with the other radio.
Obviously the pilot must communicate its position to the Seals team without makes itself to capture from "Viet". If he comes hit from the "Viet" comes automatically made captive, seized the radio and lead in a fencing where find guarded. If she comes hit while find on the Seals team same the forgiveness the game.
It is the prison camp that the landing area for elicopter of rescue is notes to both the teams.
He does not have makes yourself to capture from the "Viet"
He must contact the Seals team
Seals Team
She must find the pilot
If the pilot is made captive to go to the prison camp and to free it
To render the zlanding zone sure
Team "Viet"
To capture the pilot
To defend the prison camp
To render the landing area dangerous
To eliminate the Seals team or to delay it in the attainment of the emergency zone
Duration of the game: 1.30 h
"Hamburger Hill" (Vipers)
History of the game:
A Hill of the south of the nicknamed Vietnam "Hamburger Hill" must at all costs be defended for its vital importance.
Members of the game:
one team "Viet", one team of Ranger U.S.A.
Development of the game:
a team of Ranger uses defends an emplacement and a team of "Viet" must storm the Hill.
"The last Bridge" (Vipers)
History of the game:
the ally forces must conquer a bridge much crucial one for the invasion of the Germany, naturally this bridge must be defended and courageous be held for a sure time, then subsequently mined!
Members of the game:
1 Wermacht Team, 1 Ally Team.
Development and regulations:
It leave the German team who must go to garrison the bridge after approximately 15' leaves the Ally team who must go to conquer it.
Obviously the German team lascer?ei sharpshooters during the distance in order to slow down the enemy been left over one. The aforesaid sharpshooters if they will not have had contact with the enemy will withdraw towards the bridge for giving manforte to the defenders of the bridge.
German Team

To delay until how much possible one the allied been left over one so as to to make to explode the bomb that destroy the bridge after 1 h

Ally Team

To conquer the bridge before the outbreak of the bridge.

"Dien Ben Phu" (Vipers)
History of the game:
during the war of Indo-china it comes besieged from vietcong the fortress of Dien Very Phu. To an unit of the foreign legion comes assigned the task to carry the refueling to the fortress.
Members of the game: 1 Team of Legionaries, 1 Team of Vietcong.
Development and regulations: They leave the Vietcong that is gone to lie in wait for during the distance. After approximately 15' the legionaries with the case of refueling leave. The case must be capacity from two persons and therefore it must be carried until the fortress (pre-arranged point). 
To patrol the area around to the fortress waves to avoid the infiltration of patrols with refueling To destroy to the legionaries stretching several ambushes, technique "you bite and you escape" To capture the Case provisions
To escort the case provisions with one patrol
Avoid contact with the enemy
To arrive to the fortress with the case within 1.5 h from the departure
"Retrieve the object" (Vipers)
History of Gioco:
a precious military vehicle e' fallen on a mine and the crew has died the USA commando orders to a team of seals to recover an important arranges of injection. Naturally also the URSS know to acquaintance of the fact for which one has person in charge square of Spetsnaz to capture the most precious member.
Members of Gioco: 1 Spetsnaz Team, 1 Seals Team
Development and regulations:
the two squares of direct towards their bases (from both known and equidistant) and leave in order to trace the vehicle. She arrives you to the vehicle must find the injection telephone exchange and try to bring back it to the own base.
Seals and Spetsnaz
To arrive for first to the destroyed vehicle
To garrison and to defend the zone while the technicians find the member
If they do not reach for first the vehicle trying to conquer the vehicle sopprimendo the square who garrisons the zone.
To carry the member to the field base avoiding the ambushes of the adverse square.
If it is not had in member to stretch ambushes to the enemy and to get hold of.
Guerriglia e contro-guerriglia nell’Oman (Vipers)
History of the game:
in sultanato of the Oman?n the change to the apex the son succeeds the father there, puts into effect it them sultan asks aid the British SAS in order to eliminate the raids of the Yemeniti supports to you from Cuba. Therefore they come sended to two squares in a field base.
Members of Gioco:
2 Cuban Team, SAS 2 Team
Development and regulations:
a team SAS prepares the field and she is prepared to defend it from the attacks of the Cuban troops while an other patrol has find the field of the Cuban in order to destroy it. The same one will make the troops Cuban.
It objects SAS and Cuban
To prepare the defense of the support field
To arrange the flag that is visible find the field opposing
To destroy the opposing field conquering the flag
"Search and Destroy" (Oscar Galliano)
History of the game:
in 1967 during the operation Juction City, units of the 25. Infantry immense operation in the zone of an began An Lic, moving from the road n.13 to the search of bases and Vietcong documents.
Members: a third party of the players remaining forms a team; Search and a Destroy "acts as from" Viet "defending several the target.
Regulations and development: The Vietcong has 20' in order to prepare 3 or 4 bases in the called zone "Vietnam" situated at least 150/200 mt. Between they Every base its inside a object (you arm, documents, supplies). Important the number of the defenders does not have to exceed the number of the attackers and the defenders will not be able to help one base in under attack until  they base not destroyed.
USA Infantry
To at least catch up the 2/3 party of the target
To defend courageous the target assigns to you


"the track of Ho Chi Min" (Vipers)
History of the game:
During the war of the Vietnam the troops "Vietcong" were usual to move material and long refueling the famous "track of I have Who Min practically" one track in the jungle to the inside of the border of the "Laos". Task of the "Seals" to intercept the North Vietnamese convoys and to destroy how many devout ones? men and means.
Members of the game: 1 Seals Square and 2 Vietcong Squares
Development and regulations:
They come composed two encampments to approximately 1 km from the other one is full of refueling (even composed from full sawdust bags!) and an empty one.
Naturally if 2/3 of the refueling arrive at the other camp  the "Viet" they win.
destroy several possible supplying columns
Protect the refueling from the enemy attacks
To render the ways of access to the fields sure is of departure that of arrival
Optionally to make patrolling aggressive so as to to hinder the movements of the Seals Team.


"Mission Impossible (Gabriele "Charlie" Guizzardi)

History of the game:
A group of Palestinian terrorists captured of a bomb nuclear tactical landed in one small track to approximately an hour of march from centers them atomic of Montalto di Castro. Naturally our intelligence agency know to acquaintance of the fact and has sended one comsubin team with the task to defuse the bomb. Obviously given the difficulty of the device to the team and state aggregate "civil" an engineer nuclear.
Members: 1 Team of Palestinian terrorists, 1 Team of Comsubin, 1 engineer


To avoid the surveillance, to place and to prime the bomb in center them nuclear
Protect the device until its outbreak (you are a square kills!)
Naturally the device does not have to endure some damage
Protect the expert nuclear (it is  only that knows the bomb, died he we are fried!)
to catch up in the hour the pit where the helicopter go to carry to you
the bad ones you go exterminate to you the box it if it comes damaged (pierced, crushed etc.) it explodes.