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All pause began during one lunch of some American woodcutters. One of they, that it had a marker to red varnish used in order to signal the trees to cut, for joke shot one varnish ball towards a its companion; to this last one it did not seem true to answer with the same system to the colleague. This shoot and answer were involved also the others and degenerated in the first crash of Paint-Ball (first years ' 80). Found the thing a lot amusing the boscaioli decided to find again themselves in order to still defy until that the divertimento is diffused until becoming the Wargames that all we know now. Hour those markers shoot with a air jet one little ball bore 12 colored varnish flood to the speed of 150 m/sec. This means living a somewhat painful experience if it is come hit. In Japan, where the Softair is been born, it was not possible to use that type of instruments in order to play and someone thought to use of the crews giocattolo that they talked nonsense of the small bullets of all the innocuous ones. The first models shot of the plastic bullets (of several dimensions) through a piston to motivating force with modest speeds and throw so as to to be it considers true and own giocattoli you from "rigid" the Japanese legislation. When the first producers noticed that the models were more and more demands the manufacturers decided to render these retorts homogenous and to institute a called organism ASGK. Its fundamental tasks were:

  • To control the legality of the models giocattolo;

  • Standardize of realization with particular attention to the bore and to the material;

  • To agree one productive differentiation so as to competition is not made;

  • To establish that it projects them must be of the diameter of 6 milimeter.

Bibliography: "Soft Air. The sport of square of XXI the century ", Luca Oleastri, Editions Planetario, 1993.