Draft of a sport that consists in the simulation of armed crashs.

The players generally divide themselves in two (or more) squares who resolve to do the attainment of a objective.
He objects to you to pursue, in a prestabilito time (es. an hour), can vary in every game:
conquest opposing flag
conquest of one emplacement
maintenance of one emplacement
liberation of a prisoner
destruction of the opposing square
etc etc.
gunner5.gif (21811 byte)
gunner2.gif (22953 byte)
In some cases the game becomes more complex transforming itself in one true and own "history" to put in scene. (es. recovery of the pilot fallen in enemy territory with a square who must bring back to the field base and an enemy square who must eliminate the rescuers and carry the prisoner in its field for being interrogated).
To the inside of the same encounter of Softair various types of games can be carried out. In kind an encounter has a duration that can vary from the 2 to the 4 hours, is can be carried out of day or night.
Naturally the "Nocturnal" are many moving because they prevent to the players the use of the sight for the combat and therefore the person is stimulated to use the other senses that of usual under use.
The Softair is carried out in generally boschivi atmospheres but also in city territories as cascinali it abandons to you, factories dismesse, ruderi, hollow abandoned. The exercise of this sport previews uses it of private lands or publics (previa demanded of authorization to the police enforcements in order to avoid the procurato alarm and the disturbance of the quiet ones publishes) characterizes you from natural obstacles or crafts them, where persons strangers to the game cannot enter and put in danger (psychological physicist and).
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The Softair does not introduce some danger for the player (to similar practical differences of like the Paintball American) because it uses crews giocattolo that they shoot to bullets of ceramics (or ABS of the 6 diameter of milimeter and variable weight between 0.10 and 0.50 grams) that they are innocuous.
The only demanded sagacity is an adequate apparel that protegga the more vulnerable part of the body, the eyes, with masks or glances at them. Beyond to the protection for the eyes, it is of obligation one held that it camouflages the player (camouflage coveralls, you vary average of camouflage. Used crews (ASG air soft gun) can be guns to gas or motivating force and mitragliette/fucili to propulsion electrical worker (in any case accredited).
The elimination of an adversary (or accidentally of a companion of square) hit from or more bullets is represented from its same declaration (dead esclamazione "!"). Obvious E', therefore, that one of first regole/requisiti of this sport is the sport correctness of who the practical one. In kind, however, in order to interrupt "the flow of bullets", every player has all the interest, if hit, to declare happened the dead women. In any case, the hit player will carry in the appropriate area (rising of temporary cemetary) and will be able to re-enter in the successive game.
Every square has a captain and a field base.
The player of softair is a person like many, one student, a professional, a worker characterized from the interest for the game of square, the crews, the nature, the life to the open, being with the others and making new acquaintances. The player of softair is not invasato, a violent one, a similar lover of the war and. E' rather a loving person of the careful nature and not to damage the fauna and the flora of atmospheres where work.
E' a HEALTHY AMUSING that it can be practiced from BOTH  SEIES!