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In this section we want to insert a guide for the navigator whom it wanted to constitute a new club in its city

The fundamental things are: Corporate charter, Charter

Both documents go validated from the office of the registry with one spold of approximately..600.000

Corporate charter

The day _____ of the month of __________ of the year _____ the following persons have gathered:

(last name and name), been born to XXXXXXXXX the XX/XX/XX, resident to XXXXXXXXXX in Via XXXXXXXXXX n. XX Tax identification number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Company __________________________

(last name and name), been born to XXXXXXXXX the XX/XX/XX, resident to XXXXXXXXXX in Via XXXXXXXXXX n. XX Tax identification number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Company __________________________


Which declare to constitute, as with the present action they constitute, called association "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX".

The association, nonprofit, has the scope to re-unite private citizens, nonch?ppartenenti to the Police enforcements, the aim to promote and to realize attivit?udico - recreational, the spread of the game of the Softair, to organize contests between associates and contests with other Associations, to pass pleasant days to the air opened in company of friends.

To such scope they deliberate how much follows:

1. They approve of the attached charter.

2. To norm of the art. 5 of the charter will be able to join to such association all those who ask to make some leave and whose admission is deliberated to norm of the art.6

3. To norm of the art. 4 of the charter that the corporate assets sar? constituted from the deposit of it associates you of a quota anniversary established from the assembly of associates to you, from the eventual sponsorships and eventual entrances and services carried out in performance of the institutional scopes.

4. To norm of the art.8 they are organs of the association the ordinary and Extraordinary assembly, the Directive Council, the President, Vice-president, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the college of the revisers of the accounts.

Approved of bed and Underwrite. (Companies)

Charter of the Group


Understood it 1. - Constitution and Center

Art.1. Constitution and Center

?costituita called Association "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX".

The association has center in XXXXXXXX in via XXXXXXX in the local puttinges to disposition from XXXXXXX XXXXXXX

Art.2. Character

The association manages and determines the programs in the devout ones? absolute independence from You leave yourself Political, from Public Administration, seven Philosophical and Religious Confessions, without fine trade-union and of lucro.

Art.3. Scopes

The association has the scope to re-unite private citizens, nonch? pertaining to the Police enforcements to recreational the aim to promote and to realize attivit?udico, the spread of the game of the Soft Air, to organize contests between associates and contests with other associations, to pass pleasant days to the air opened in company of friends.

It dovr?ur to always maintain pi?ompleta independence in the comparisons of the organs of government, the public companies and private, the labor organizations.

For the attainment of the finalit?tatutarie, the Association pu? to join, that is to affiliate themselves, to organizations of national relief that is to collaborate with complementary local associations whose finalit?iano to those of the same association and is not in contrast with they.

Art.4. Patrimony

The Patrimony of the?ormato Association:

  • From the social quotas and eventual voluntary contributions of it associates you that they could be demands in relation to the necessit?d to the operation of the Association, the?ntrasmissibile and not rivalutabile social quota; however to pu?ssere transmitted mortis cause;
  • From the contributions, of public agencies or other physical and legal persons;
  • From eventual donations, distributions and bequests
  • From eventual entrances for attivit? services carried out in performance of the institutional scopes of the Association.

Understood it 2. - Associates

Art.5. Participation

They can be admitted to make part of the association in qualit?i Ordinary Associates of same, previa the question written accepted from the Directive Council, all the citizens, nonch?utti the pertaining to the Police enforcements, having the enjoyment of the civil, political rights and that they have not brought back penal sentences of sentence for not culpable crimes.

All the ordinary associates have straight pars and dignit?enza political distinction of sex, race, language, religion, opinions, personal and social conditions.

All are admitted which honorary associates those who, for particular moral merits or financial, they have concurred with the association to progress or to increase the attivit?rogrammata one. Anyone pu?ssere admitted in qualit?i honorary associate from free the Directive Council a.tito it and to indeterminato time.

The honorary associate? equiparato to every effect of law to the ordinary associate, acquiring of parit?i straight and duties.

Art.6. Admission

On the Admission of the associates it decides the Directive Council to simple majority. In case not admission, the Directive Council?enuto not to motivate such decision.

Art.7. Recess, suspension, expulsion

The Associate to pu?ecedere previa communication anytime written.

The forfeiture must in any case be pronounced in case, three months from the previewed term passed, the associate are still inadempiente to the payment of the social quota. Anyone is not adhered to the norms of behavior indicated from the sar?assibile Association of immediate expulsion.

The forfeiture or the deliberated exclusion from associate and to unanimit?al the Directive Council, on motivated proposal of the President of the Association. The decision of expulsion not?oggetta to claim.

Understood it 3. - Organs, functions, competences

Art.8. Organs of the Association

They are organs of the association:

  • The President of the Association
  • The Vice president of the Association
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Directive Council
  • The Assembly of Associates to you
  • The college of the revisers of the accounts

Such organs are eleggibili liberations.

Art.9. Assembly

The assembly? formed from all it associates it to you, and?onvocata from the president by means of warning affisso near the social center at least ten days before the date of the reunion with indication of the arguments to the order of the day.

For validit?ella the its constitution and of its deliberations, in first?ecessario convocazione that are present or it represents the met?egli at least to you associates to you and the deliberations are taken to simple majority. In second convocazione the Assembly sar? valid any is the number of associates to you. However for the concerning deliberations modifications to the sar?ecessario charter the favorable ballot at least two thirds party of associates to you.

It is up to the Assembly to deliberate in merit:

  • To the approval of the budget estimate and consuntivo
  • To the financial approval of the economic statement and.
  • To the nomination of the Directive Council and the College of the Revisers
  • To the approval and the modifications of the charter and eventual regulations
  • To every other argument subordinate from the Directive Council

To the assembly they have straight to participate all associates to it to you in rule with the payment of the social quotas. The associate to pu?arsi to represent from an other associate by means of written delegation to deposit to the actions.

Any is the value del given contribution, every associate who has caught up the greater one et?a straight to express a single ballot, former art.2352 2, codicil C.C.

Every associated pu?l maximum to represent three it associates to you beyond if same.

The sovereign?rgano assembly of the association.

Art.10. Directive Council

The Directive Council? collectively and loyally the only social organism preplace to the determination of the address of the association in conformit?elle finalit?ella same. It organizes and it manages all the attivit? necessary to the attainment of the finalit? social, it determines the employment of deep the social ones, determines the amount of the quota registration to the Association and the modalit? of deposit of the same one.

The Directive Council? however and however titular exclusive approximately every social determination of economic or patrimonial nature.

The Directive Council pu?roporre modifications to the Inner regulations of the Association subjecting them then to the approval of the assembly of the associates.

The council supplies to absolute majority to the substitution for every cooptazione of eventual dimissionario or stopped councilman, choosing its substitute between the associates of the Association.

The Directive Council remains in loads two years and its members can rieletti, elegge to a just inner President Vice-president, a Treasurer and a Secretary; The Council pu?ltres? to determine in every time other opportune thought specific assignments name of the responsibles between the own members that is the ordinary associates.

Art.11. The President

The President has lawyer representation of the Association towards thirds party in judgment, carries out function of public relation that for specific cases can be delegated to other councilman, cures the execution of the deliberations assumed from the Directive Council, he strives himself in order to compose eventual controversies between it associates that is between these and the Association to you.

He convenes and he presides the Directive Council nonch?e Assemblies and in case of parit?l its ballot he determines the majority.

The President pu? to propose the referring of an associate to the Directive Council for the eventual adoption of the provisions previewed from the art.7.

Art.12. The Vice president

The Vice president replaces the President in case of its temporary absence that is its legitimate temporary impediment.

Art.13. The Treasurer

The Treasurer? responsible of the writing and the legitimate estate of the book keeping writings previewed from the enforced civil and fiscal norm and controls, of concert with the president, the assumed execution of the deliberation from the Board of directors in deep order of employment of the social ones.

He supplies also to the expense and the proceeds of the sums of money of the Association in executions of the deliberations of the directive council.

Art.14. The Secretary

The Secretary? responsible of the estate of the various social books from those of competence of the Treasurer, personally cures the writing of the reports of assemblies of the Directive Council nonch?elle social Assemblies, carries out all personally the functions of secretariat of the Association remaining some responsible; ?ssegnatario of all the social assets and however personally orchestrates them to the development of the attivit?ociale, remaining responsible of the guard and the good conservation carrying out the attivit?i economo social.

Art.15. Mayors Revisers

The mayors in number of three effectives and two substitutes are elect from the ordinary Assembly. One of they comes elect president. Their function? to control the correctness of the management in relation to the charter and law norms, being predisposed one relation anniversary in occasion of the approval of the budget.

Art.16. Compensations

No it loads? retribuita.

The Directive Council, to pu?tabilire the recovery of expenses supported from associates people in charge to you to carry out particular on behalf attivit?n name and of the Association, previa documentation delivery.

Understood it 4.. Norms of closing and modifications to the Charter

Art.17. Issolution

The Association pu? to be melted for the impossibilit?i to pursue the ends that?roposta. The issolution to potr?ssere altres?isposto from the Directive Council to unanimit?In the such case the residual corporate assets sar?evoluto to other associations that propose the perseguimento of finalit?naloghe.

Art.18. Modifications to the Charter

Eventual modifications to the present charter, can be proposed single during the Assembly of associate to you from the members of the directive council and/or from a number of equal associates to a quarter of the enrolled one. The modifications must be approved of with equal majority to the two thirds party of the present ones. The deliberations are assumed with evident ballot. The modifications to the Charter can only deliberated from the Assembly re-united in first convocazione.


For all established how much in the present Charter the dispositions of the C.C are not observed.


The President


The Secretary

The Treasurer

The Associates for Acceptance: